Add/ change the leading inside of a table cell when using the EzPDF class library.

If you are using EzPDF to create PDF files on your server, and you use the ezTable function to layout the text on the page so that it flows better then you'll be familiar with the lack of formating options on the text itself.

Well that can be fixed...

In the class.php file around the line 917 you'll find a couple of lines that read:
// make the table
$height = $this->getFontHeight($size); 

Change this to:
if (is_array($options) && isset($options['leading'])) { ## use leading instead of spacing
    $height = $options['leading'];
} else {
    $height = $this->getFontHeight($options['fontSize']);

You can now specify leading as one of the table options, the same rout can be re-written to work for lots of the formating options.

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