UI Reshape for Aviant

It's only taken a day but I'm sure I've saved myself the same amount of time already.

I still have a lot more that I want to do on Aviant (my own CMS system) but I've just finished checking over each page of the Aviant admin area for anything I've missed in the latest changeover. I decided that there were too many buttons in some areas and not enough in others. So after a week of heavy use I decided that I needed to streamline the pages, if for nothing more than my own sanity, and drop the use of FancyBoxes in favour of my own AJAX and IFRAMES.

Thats now done and the initial feedback is great. I've also started work on a how-to document as there are so many little features and ways to use templates to make things easier that I forget most of them and have to copy things across from other sites that work as I want.

I've also added TypeKit, Pixlr API integration and altered the main editing page so that its a little easier to move around and add a page.

Much love, and more to come.

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