Just Got Typekit Working

Hence the silly title tag font... which may get tamed at some point in the very near future.

I've just signed up to Typekit, and after a day or two of playing around with it I have to say... Good purchase Adobe, nice work!

It runs so well, and while I was over complicating things by adding my own selectors along with the selectors specified/added in the Typekit editor I finally understood how it fits together. One nice feature along with the 'favourites' button would be a 'hide' button so that fonts that I am never going to use can be removed from the hundreds available, that way, over time I can create a suite of fonts that I understand how they look on screen and I can design with them in mind and find them quickly. I could also do with a way of Typekit working with Photoshop so that the fonts could be used in the design without a need to printscreen everything each time the client wants to see a title changed before signing a design off.

Love it, well worth the subscription and I see myself quickly bumping up the the pro package.

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