We're moving to Rackspace Cloud

Major issue just occured on the webserver, it seems as though someone was uploading a large file or a number of large files!!! This filled the server up and stopped my email. Quickest fix delete something to make space.

So i removed a 5 meg folder, and hey presto its all clear again.

Less than one minute later and its full again!!! So I think what else can go? Now, the server is pretty clean so there isn't much that isn't needed on there, so the logs are next, but instead of clearing an old log then fiddling I decided to fiddle first by changing how much info is logged - knowing that we store quite a lot of info - of course (I Laugh) apache deletes the old file first before uploading the new file in its place, this cause a missing conf file, which stopped the service working correctly.

To add more injury I decided to reset the server... argh!! No!! Without the config file there is no service!

Then I decide that Putty will let me in, nope, no server space means no space for access to be granted. Fortunately after an hour - not good - the server has tidied up just enough space to use Putty to delete a log file. Rackspace, despite knowing that it wasn't their server were happy to help me (I do administrate a dedicated server which is with them, and I'm using them for Cloud hosting). Fanatical support is an understatement.

I look forward to finalising the Cloud setup with you =D

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