Got a busy week ahead

Post It NoteHalf way through the week and it seems that we're doing lots and getting nowhere! I have two websites to convert into Aviant, one to design, a meeting and a site to complete before Friday. Not to mention any other little bits that pop into the mix along the way.

Not daunted though, its an achievable list, the main priority is the full site which has to be done and done well. At least with sites converting in its not such a problem finding good solutions to difficult images. The images are all made we can re-visit any that look a little nasty if the clients so wish me to.

Development is halted for a couple of days, other than the site grabber that is, which by spending an hour will save three easily - even if its not 100% as I want it. I do need another me though! Tried a couple of mates and one seems busy with his own work and the other just can't see the oportunity I'm offering - we've all tried to help in the past though so I expected nothing less.

I do want to start blogging/journaling properly, I do so much that I think it would be great to diary it all. My only reservation is that my opinions are then public. And while I am not a badly opinioned person, I have some really BIG ideas in my head that I'm holding onto till I have more time and people around me that I can trust to run the day-to-day stuff.

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