Tomorrows mini task, copying sites into Aviant

We hope to make Aviant available to as many people as possible. To help us achieve this we have a vast list of additions to build in. But in order to make our life and our customers lives easier we need a way to copy in websites from elsewhere.

We've looked at a couple of software options but its clear that the best route is to develop the existing copying system, which lifts titles and meta information from an external url. It also copies the body html but it is slow having to do one page at a time. The solution is to crawl an entire site and gather all the urls, then from this list automatically go through each one gathering anfd filling out the information. I'm picturing a mid-stage where the user can uncheck the pages which can be dropped.

The mid-stage also needs an open field for new page urls, if use the page url will change and any links to the old url will be swapped out for the new one. Not only that but the 301/404 manager will need updating to redirect the old urls to the new ones, or if marked as 'no-longer needed' marked as 'dealt with'.

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