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Add Leading To Table EZPDF

December 14th 2012

If you are using EzPDF to create PDF files on your server, and you use the ezTable function to layout the text on the page so that it flows better then you'll be familiar with the lack of formating options on the text itself.

Multivariate Blocks - Test and launch

August 13th 2012

Here is a test...

UI Reshape for Aviant

February 9th 2012

It's only taken a day but I'm sure I've saved myself the same amount of time already.

I still have a lot more that I want to do on Aviant (my own CMS system) but I've just finished checking over each page of the Aviant admin area for anything I've missed in the latest changeover. I decided that there were too many buttons in some areas and not enough in others. So after a week of heavy use I decided that I needed to streamline the pages, if for nothing more than my own sanity, and drop the use of FancyBoxes in favour of my own AJAX and IFRAMES.

Just Got Typekit Working

February 9th 2012

Hence the silly title tag font... which may get tamed at some point in the very near future.

I've just signed up to Typekit, and after a day or two of playing around with it I have to say... Good purchase Adobe, nice work!

Halfords Rugby | Halfords Rugby contact information and directions

October 4th 2011

Halfords Rugby contact information and directions

Looking for Halfords in Rugby? Simple, details can be found direct on the Halfords website or below. Halfords Rugby offer everything you will need for car maintenance, in car entertainment, vehicle navigational aids, cycling equipment and exterior car stylings. The team at the Rugby store are happy to help and can advise you on the best product to suit your needs or help you by way of fitting and adjusting anything purchased in-store - should you wish it.

Adobe Edge Preview

September 15th 2011

Just downloaded and had a look at the new Adobe Edge software. Have to say that its a fantastic idea but it is a little early. And suprise suprise... the javascript doesn't work in IE7!

Work starts on a Pixmania Pro to Shopify Product Manager

September 2nd 2011

With Pixmania Pro your customers can purchase from you and Pixmania dropship the product at cost - excellent - but prices, availability and products change daily and managing these changes manually would take up all of your day.

Append, Prepend, Affix or Prefix?

August 10th 2011

Now theres a question??

Great meeting today

August 10th 2011

We met up with the guys from Taxi2gether again today, it seems that they have really struggled with their development company, who have given them nothing but a broken system and a bill!

Just added a favouriting feature to Aviant

August 9th 2011

Websites now have favouriting...
Along with a bit more work on reseller accounts, users with serveral websites can now prioritise specific sites.

As one door closes another one opens

August 9th 2011

It's sad and unfortunate, but after 9 months of building up traffic for Akuma they have moved on.

Aviant is looking a lot better...

August 9th 2011

After a bit of settling down on the work front, I finally have the time to iron out a few bugs and extend the blog functionality. We're also off the ground in offering free logo designs to our customers.
With the free logo design service we are filtering out 'messers' or people who aren't looking to truely build their business out.